I offer counselling supervision in Wiltshire.

Supervision is a service I offer to not only counsellors but other therapeutic practitioners.  It is an opportunity for supervisee’s to reflect on their work in a confidential setting.  This allows for explorations of the work and a replenishing of the ‘soul’ and support with maintaining professional boundaries.  As well as being an important aspect of providing a professional and humane service to clients, it is paramount in aiding practitioner well-being. 

I offer supervision on an individual or group basis for:

  • Counsellors and Psychotherapists,
  • Trainee Counsellors
  • Health professionals and alternative therapy practitioners
  • Education Professionals 

I aim to offer you a reflective and creative space whereby I support you in your work with clients to enable you to be confident, competent, creative and ethical in your practice.  


The three main purposes to supervision are: 

1. Normative/Administrative – Following ethical guidelines and procedures

2. Formative/Educational e.g.  

  • Understand the client better
  • Become more aware of your own reactions and responses to the client
  • Understand the dynamics of how you and the client are interacting
  • Explore interventions and other ways of working

3. Restorative/Supportive – Provide a safe place for  you to ‘unload’  your concerns

During our initial meeting we will negotiate a working agreement to include how we want to work together and details such as amount and length of sessions that you require relevant to your caseload and in-line with BACP or your professional body’s ethical requirements. I am also available between sessions via telephone or email for exceptional circumstances.  

If you are seeking counselling supervision in Wiltshire you can call me on 07790 093382.