Couples Counselling

In all relationships we will have difficult times when there may be more friction or unhappiness, this is perfectly normal.  However when the bad outweigh the good times then it maybe time to take a closer look at what is happening. 

Within a healthy couple relationship both partners emotional needs are generally met, however when difficulties arise one or both parties can feel that their needs are being ignored or pushed aside which can cause difficulties in communicating.  This can happen over a period of time, as bad habits gradually develop, or for reasons which are not always obvious, these might include:

  • Loss or bereavement
  • Issues with raising children
  • Money worries
  • Previous relationships including children from other relationships
  • Arguments over the household chores
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Cheating and betrayal
  • Difficulties with the wider family including parents and siblings
  • Illness
  • Work related stress 

What is Couples Counselling?

As a Couples Counsellor, I will work with you both to bring about awareness and change in order for a healthier relationship to emerge.  I will help both of you to look closely at your self and your relationship, to identify and make sense of patterns that are unhelpful in the relationship.  This will enable you to discover how when aware internally, you can respond more authentically, without blame. You can then hear what it is you are both looking for in order to move the relationship forward.

Sometimes separation and divorce are the best options.  This may not mean that the relationship will end fully especially if there are children involved.  In these circumstances counselling can help you to work on developing a mutually respectful relationship enabling an amicable way forward.

Next Step…

If you would like to find out more we can arrange an initial appointment.  At this session we can explore the presenting issues and I can explain how I work.  We can then make a joint decision about whether I am the right person to help you both with your relationship.